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Below is the history, current state and rules of our club. Looking to join? Read through this first and then contact us.

Our History

Ottawa Working Dog Club (Ottawa Schutzhund Inc.) started out as "IPO Ottawa" but when IPO was changed (again) to IGP, we decided to rename our club.

Ottawa Working Dog Club was incorporated (ON 1886236) February 7th, 2013 as Ottawa Schutzhund Inc.
We have been through many changes over the years, but the principal members are still here training a couple of times a week.
Our members have competed at Club, Regional, National and International level.


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Visiting the Club

Robert's Rules:

1. Two visits with no dog. You must stay for the duration of the training day.

2. No Photos, videos or posting about your visits on social media is allowed.

3. Visiting the club is not an automatic membership invitation. We will be considering your fit into the club as much as you are considering us as a club to join.

4. Two visits with your dog. You must again stay for the duration of the training day. During your visit, you will be assigned a club member to help you with your training.

5. After your 4 visits are complete, we will decide whether to grant you a 4-month probationary membership. Your fit with the club is more important than your dog's abilities.

6. After probationary acceptance, minimum attendance is 4x per month. Although in this sport it would be very difficult to trial at that pace.

7. It is required to take private lessons at your expense with the training director until you are prepared to partake at club level.

Club Training:

Your training is your responsibility under the direction of the training director. You can ask for help then practice, proof, repeat. Watching others work is invaluable and saves time. You are learning to train your dog yourself. Initiative goes a long way. If you want help or a spotter you must ask.

As a club member, you are required to help at all training and club events.

As a member, you are free to leave the club at anytime - The club is also entitled to revoke your membership should you not be a contributing and/or respectful member.

The internet is not your friend. It can be very confusing and there is so much to learn you will want to keep it as simple as possible.

You may only train one dog with the club until you have achieved a title.

All members and visitors training or doing helper work must have a valid GSSCC membership.

Field rules can be found here.

If your dog is unable to attend, you should still come to training.

Members must be respectfully dressed for all trials; both at our club and elsewhere.


You must have control of your dog at all times. A crate in your vehicle is mandatory.

Leashes and tie outs are mandatory until the training director gives the go-ahead to work off leash.

Training Director Responsibilities:

What does it cost to belong to OWDC?

Membership: $300/year pro-rated

GSSCC Membership: New $175, Renewal $150 (for insurance purposes, you must be a member in good standing with the GSSCC)

Introductory Lessons (6): $360 - Required for new members who have never achieved a SchH Title

Summer Field Fees: $250/year

Winter Indoor Facility Rental: approximately $800/year

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